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This is a place where I will share my musings as I look to discover and re-discover the experiences and thoughts that make me who I am, make you who you are, and make us all human.

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Running is such a powerful action. It’s physically draining but is the one action that strengthens the heart more than anything else. Whether you’re running from something or running towards something, the action remains the same. The steps remain the same. And if you want to push yourself, you take the same steps — just faster.

Posted on Tuesday, October 29th 2013

My favorite picture of my favorite nephew: @anthony8702. #family @ligia1

My favorite picture of my favorite nephew: @anthony8702. #family @ligia1

Posted on Sunday, April 7th 2013

Days like these … I feel like I’m built to accomplish great feats and bound to leave an undeniable impact on the world.

Posted on Thursday, April 4th 2013